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What is Firestarter?

This magazine is intended to be a network node for the community, highlighting all the events that are relevant for you. We provide important information gathered on our website and in the magazine which is handed out for free at most of the events that are represented in Firestarter. The magazine is also free to download on this page.

To keep the magazine a free publication for you we depend on the support from sponsors but especially from the community – and that means YOU. Besides following our platforms and engaging with out content, what enables us to do our work is your support on Patreon. Every amount makes a huge difference and that means with even a Dollar, you would turn a spark into a bonfire. Firestarter reaches thousands of readers with this massive magazine alone, which is handed out for free. If you like what we do, and if you think it is fair to support such a publication, then it is in your ability to keep the fire burning.

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What is Firestarter doing for you?

  • We create an annual 13.000 magazines given to the attendees of events for free
  • The magazine can also be downloaded for free
  • We give access to ticket discounts and other perks
  • Our page provides events of the creative community
  • We publish interviews and lectures with professionals
  • We provide a hub with job offers and information about internships
  • With Björn Hurri‘s WarmUp sessions you can grow as an artist
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Can you be a part of this?

Contact us at media@firestartermagazine.com to receive our media kit and advertise in the magazine, that highlights over 20 events worldwide and is handed out for free to the attendees of most of these events.

If you would like to present your event or see the chance to work with us,
contact us at info@firestartermagazine.com

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Our sponsors and partners

We want to thank our sponsors and partners for their relentless support in cultivating the community into a place everybody wants to work and prosper in.


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