You can win one of two tickets!

LiK: MeetUP tickets to give away!

Firestarter offers you the chance to win one of two tickets to the LiK: Meetup in Taipeh. All you have to do is comment beneath and we will pick the winner on 20th of March 2018. Gogogo, and tell your friends!
Art Challenge

TGW Challenges - Win IFCC Tickets

The main purpose of TGC (The Game Challenge) is to create a library of visual content for projects like "The Game", "Before we go to Mars" and many other. Such content includes characters, vehicles and environments, which can later be used in real game or for educational purposes. Anyone particip...continue

Win one of two tickets for Playgrounds Blend with Firestarter!

You have the chance to win one of two full-pass tickets for Playgrounds Blend. This means you will take part at the event in Breda and in Amsterdam. Are you ready to rock the Netherlands and listen to the wise words of Darek Zabrocki and Moby Francke among others?  Then comment under this post an...continue

Review: Demo Daze

I needed to share this with as many artists as I could before the buzz of this past weekend wore off! I feel like I found a unicorn! I discovered a new avenue for artists and makers. This is an avenue where you get to work with new art mediums, where people not only want your opinion, but respect...continue

Win an exclusive video ticket for IAMC 2018 with Firestarter!

You have the chance to win a "Firestarter-users-only video ticket" and see the lectures of the speakers at IAMC 2018 – which will happen in Paris on 16th of March. Make sure you don't miss James Paick, Peter de Sève, Raphael Lacoste, Anthony Eftekhari, Michael Defeo, George Hull, Bastien Lecouffe...continue

Firestarter Community Magazine #3

The last article posted for the Firestarter site was of the same kind as this one. The announcement for the new edition of the magazine was in October and a lot has happened since then. Obviously the focus was on improving the print product which made the content of the website take a step back. ...continue

Review: Promised Land 2017

by Miłek JakubiecArt is often seen as a solitary pursuit. Hunched over their workstations, the stereotypical artists toil day and night, fuelled by stimulants and obsessive thoughts, never seeing the light of day through ever-closed drapes, never hearing another person’s voice, aware of other peo...continue

Firestarter Mag #2

A day ago I came back from Playgrounds 2017 – The Art Department, the event that hosted the second issue of the Firestarter Community Magazine. 1.500 copies were given to the attendees and now it is time to upload what I have been working on for the past months and make it available to everyone.I...continue

The Fantastic Workshop

Most of you know, but how many of you know the fantastic workshop? Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal have brought a workshop to life that will help you answer your business questions just as much as your questions about creativity and technique. For four days, starting November t...continue

WORLDS Challenge

The WORLDS Challenge is an international art competition for environment and prop artists, hosted by Cubebrush.Participants will be tasked with designing their vision of a world, built upon the ruins of a previously destroyed one. Is the new world technologically advanced or it is rudimentary? Is...continue
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