Win an exclusive video ticket for IAMC 2018 with Firestarter!

Win an exclusive video ticket for IAMC 2018 with Firestarter!

You have the chance to win a "Firestarter-users-only video ticket" and see the lectures of the speakers at IAMC 2018 – which will happen in Paris on 16th of March. Make sure you don't miss James Paick, Peter de Sève, Raphael Lacoste, Anthony Eftekhari, Michael Defeo, George Hull, Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme and many others. 

All you have to do is sign up on Firestarter and comment on this post, so we know you are interested in winning this ticket! Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter if you don't want to miss the next competition to win one of two full pass tickets to Playgrounds Blend in Breda and Amsterdam to see Darek Zabrocki and Moby Francke among others – and also to stay updated on upcoming events and content.

We want to thank the IAMC team for this chance!

The winner will be picket and announced on Sunday. 

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Spiridon Giannakis
Full-time graphic designer and publisher with over 11 years of experience in print design. His passions are books, magazines and everything connected to them, including crafting these in his workshop.

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Jjiron19 avatar Jjiron19 (Mar 14, 2018)

Great opportunity and it’s amazing all that you’re doing with the magazine

blu01 avatar blu01 (Mar 11, 2018)

thanks for chance

Spiridon Giannakis avatar Spiridon Giannakis (Mar 11, 2018)

And the winner is the user called LazarK! Please contact me :)

Jfpouet avatar Jfpouet (Mar 10, 2018)

Great contest guys thanks ^-^ i’m in for it!

stijn avatar stijn (Mar 10, 2018)

Commenting! See? This is a veritable comment!

DymondStarr avatar DymondStarr (Mar 09, 2018)

Hi! I am definitely interested!
I saw the post for this from Bastien lecouffe deharme !
Thank you!
-Dymond Starr

stravamir avatar stravamir (Mar 08, 2018)

Sounds interesting!

Eliz0r avatar Eliz0r (Mar 08, 2018)

I want to be in this event for sure!

sycho avatar sycho (Mar 08, 2018)


Grian Talamonti avatar Grian Talamonti (Mar 08, 2018)

Such a great idea, thanks for the opportunity! (Amazing mag guys!)

Bluef avatar Bluef (Mar 08, 2018)

Thank you for doing this! And good luck everyone UvU

Noah Nielsen avatar Noah Nielsen (Mar 07, 2018)

I hope i win this. If i do, it'll be my first masterclass. *crosses fingers*

iriscompiet avatar iriscompiet (Mar 07, 2018)

Would greatly appreciate listening to these talks when I’m working on my art ;)

Natalie avatar Natalie (Mar 07, 2018)

Would be interested as well, thank you for doing this Giannaki! :)

ConceptSam95 avatar ConceptSam95 (Mar 07, 2018)

This is an amazing opportunity to get some more Knowledge in me Noggin'! And get to see some of my favourite artist's talk with passion about there work. It's a shame I can't make it there from the UK. But I am really hoping this ticket will come through so that I don't miss out. Thank you for the opportunity guys! :) Firestarter <3 <3

Aurore Folny avatar Aurore Folny (Mar 07, 2018)

Ohh I'd love to grab that ticket ! :)

CoMa avatar CoMa (Mar 07, 2018)

Good stuff Spiridon.. Keep up the awesome job your doing promoting and bringing us the chance to view/attend these awesome events!!

Craig avatar Craig (Mar 07, 2018)

Congratulations! Looking forward to the IAMC. Good luck!

DarMar avatar DarMar (Mar 07, 2018)


FlorianDreyer avatar FlorianDreyer (Mar 07, 2018)

This is awesome !! :D NEED!

Ros avatar Ros (Mar 07, 2018)


Maya avatar Maya (Mar 07, 2018)

Firestarter FTW :D Thank your Spiridon to organise it! and listening to those speakers would be awesome :)

adamwhatelse avatar adamwhatelse (Mar 07, 2018)

Great idea! Getting my hopes up and the popcorn ready! :)

Marina Ortega avatar Marina Ortega (Mar 07, 2018)

Amazing gift! Thanks for doing this. It'd be the closest to be there this year without going, and it will set up the mood for going in person next year!

Arcalie avatar Arcalie (Mar 07, 2018)

This would be an amazing opportunity, good luck for everyone!

Umterski avatar Umterski (Mar 07, 2018)

Let the RNG roll! :D

dzeljka avatar dzeljka (Mar 07, 2018)

this is great! BLESS

Nuxe avatar Nuxe (Mar 07, 2018)

OOOH BOY! I'm so excited! Thanks for this!

Flintkuijkens avatar Flintkuijkens (Mar 07, 2018)

This is such an amazing thing you guys do! I’ve been a fan since I saw the magazine (#2) at the playground festival: the art department! Would be amazing to see this festival from my desk in Amsterdam!

DominikGuembel  avatar DominikGuembel (Mar 07, 2018)

Holy macaroni. I am in for this!

xiiaoau avatar xiiaoau (Mar 07, 2018)

Great Spiridon! I am in for this it will be amazing ever and learn from the great artists!

danurbano avatar danurbano (Mar 07, 2018)

I´m in!! I´ve been watching their speakers since the first one c:

rojeru avatar rojeru (Mar 07, 2018)

Awesome! Thanks for this chance! :)

Artnow avatar Artnow (Mar 07, 2018)

Okay, I'm so interessted !

Elena avatar Elena (Mar 07, 2018)

Sounds great, thank you Firestarter!

LazarK avatar LazarK (Mar 07, 2018)

Would love to see something like this live.

AlexEru avatar AlexEru (Mar 07, 2018)

Interested for sure! *v*

Dcart avatar Dcart (Mar 07, 2018)

Thank you for this! Had quite an experience at Iamag last year!!

klaudio2u avatar klaudio2u (Mar 07, 2018)

Nice list of speakes! I would like to hear what they have to say!

DiegoGisbertLlorens avatar DiegoGisbertLlorens (Mar 07, 2018)


ixie avatar ixie (Mar 07, 2018)

IAMC is great, thank you for this

Spiridon Giannakis avatar Spiridon Giannakis (Mar 07, 2018)

tell your friends ;)

thedarkcloak avatar thedarkcloak (Mar 07, 2018)

Sweet! Thank you for doing this!

Antó Monteiro avatar Antó Monteiro (Mar 07, 2018)

Mi mi mi xD

MauricioPC avatar MauricioPC (Mar 07, 2018)

Wow, that would be amazing!

LCastalvarez avatar LCastalvarez (Mar 07, 2018)

Awesome chance to learn from these beasts, this festival is going to be insane! Thank you Spiridon!

Vlashikito avatar Vlashikito (Mar 07, 2018)

This is awesome, i'd really like to have a ticket for the IAMC people told me it was great :)

HenrikRosenborg avatar HenrikRosenborg (Mar 07, 2018)


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