Wacom’s The Next Level Creative Competition

Wacom's Next Level

With only one week to go to take part in Wacom’s The Next Level Creative Competition they are calling creatives to submit their digital art. Participants have the chance to showcase their work alongside 6 featured artists from around the world at exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Portla...continue
Rendering Challenge by Mars Home Planet

Rendering Challenge

The goal of this project is community-based design of a utopian urban society on Mars for one million humans, in 3D.Now the Mars Home Planet Concept Challenge and Mars Home Planet 3D Modeling Challengeare over, we’re on to the next stage – the Rendering Challenge. Think about a cool or innovative...continue
Art Challenge

TGW Challenges - Win IFCC Tickets

The main purpose of TGC (The Game Challenge) is to create a library of visual content for projects like "The Game", "Before we go to Mars" and many other. Such content includes characters, vehicles and environments, which can later be used in real game or for educational purposes. Anyone particip...continue
WORLDS Challenge

WORLDS Challenge

The WORLDS Challenge is an international art competition for environment and prop artists, hosted by Cubebrush.Participants will be tasked with designing their vision of a world, built upon the ruins of a previously destroyed one. Is the new world technologically advanced or it is rudimentary? Is...continue
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