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The Creative Business by Jan Urschel

The Creative Business by Jan Urschel

I started my freelance business roughly six years ago in Singapore. Before that, I worked as a graphic designer and then as a concept artist at Lucasfilm/LucasArts and Ubisoft. Since starting my ow...

The Cover, Updates and Patreon

The Cover, Updates and Patreon

What we have been up to:Profiles are active, now you can upload your portfolio and add your informations like website and bioForum is active now. It will be used for monthly contest with prizes and...

Art Challenge

TGW Challenges - Win IFCC Tickets

The main purpose of TGC (The Game Challenge) is to create a library of visual content for projects like "The Game", "Before we go to Mars" and many other. Such content includes characters, vehicles...

Rendering Challenge by Mars Home Planet

Rendering Challenge

The goal of this project is community-based design of a utopian urban society on Mars for one million humans, in 3D.Now the Mars Home Planet Concept Challenge and Mars Home Planet 3D Modeling Chall...

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