Weekend of Love

Weekend of Love

No schedule. No pressure. No obligation. The Weekend of Love is about socializing only and will be like a little vacation from everything, together with likeminded people. Status doesn't play a role as much as where you are from. You are all just thrown into a pot to become the stew of love!

This time we will hang out at the Burg Stahleck with 40 people, enjoying the great view on the river Rhine and relax with artbuddies, sketching, giving reviews, feedback, or just do nothing at all and beer it all away. Sounds good?

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80.00 EUR - Basic Price
180.00 EUR - Couple's Room

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This event has: Free food, Lectures speakers, Parties, and Portfolio reviews


12 Jan 08:12
Ticketshop currently offline
Due to some problems with eventbrite and a huge messup of myself the tickets are currently not available. Just look out for infos in the facebook group!
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