Dynamic Sketching 2

Dynamic Sketching 2

Wohnpark Gösting, Anton-Kleinoscheg-Straße 66A, 8051 Graz

In this masterclass Peter Han shows you how to construct and render hard surfaces, especially armour sets and weaponry. Observational studies play an important role in this class, which is why we will go on a field trip to the Styrian Armoury of Graz, the museum with the largest collection of medieval armour and weaponry in the world!

On the first day Peter will introduce you to basic drawing exercises, tell you more about the Dynamic Sketching method and show you how to render primitive shapes. This is basically the warm-up phase of this workshop, where you learn the basic techniques needed during the rest of the week. You will see that you have plenty of time to get to know your fellow classmates during breaks and that Peter is always happy to answer questions. Also feel free to bring your portfolios and sketchbooks!

On the second day Peter will dive into the construction and rendering of armour sets from photo reference and equip you with the techniques you need for drawing on site. On day three and four we will draw armour and weapons from life at the museum. Peter will do several demos and guide all of you individually, by giving feedback during our sketching sessions. 

In addition to the techniques used for polishing drawings, visual and verbal presentation will be an important aspect of the last day. Peter will show you vital tips for presenting your portfolio, to prep you for job interviews and portfolio reviews.

Through packaging all aspects of “Dynamic Sketching” – such as quick sketching, shape building and manipulation, visual vocabulary, rendering and presentation – your level of confidence and control should rise.

Materials used are toned paper, markers, pens and (coloured) pencils, but you are welcome to bring your own digital devices, should you wish to refine your analogue drawings. 

Aim of the workshop:

  • Drive and enthusiasm to draw
  • Mileage and growing with others
  • Communication from visual to verbal


  • Armour
  • Medieval weapons

Key principles:

  • Building shapes
  • Rendering surfaces
  • Visual & verbal presentation and communication

Artwork by Peter Han.

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600.00 EUR - Standard Ticket

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