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The unique czech event bringing a lot of information of 2D and 3D graphics, animation, post-production and other creative industries, all in two days of lectures, workshops and accompanying program. SPLASH is the follower of the legendary conference MAXCON (2005-2012), which held gained a good reputation across disciplines and got favourable attendance for many years. At present, more and more rapidly evolving world of computer graphics and the growing interest among young users, however, required a new concept of the event.

That is the reason, why SPLASH combines not only the original world of 3D graphics and modeling, as well as 2D digital graphics, digital painting, concept art, visualization and illustration. All this in connection with real discipline (not only) of entertainment design, for example in computer games, apps or movies. SPLASH is organized by MAXAREA.COM server, a longtime supporter of Computer Graphics in Czech Republic.

So visitors are people from the represented and related fileds, professionals from studios and companies, freelancers, developer, but also novice designers who comes especially to get important information, know-how and, of course, so important contacts. The conference goes on in a friendly atmosphere of the Prague University of Agriculture, in modern place with a large lecture hall with a capacity of at least 400 seats, video projection and sound system. For smaller workshops or lectures are reserved other studying spaces equiped with projection technique.

There is more one-to-one approach in sharing information. Lectures and workshops promise a very interesting information and subjekt matter and their presentation by successful authors and professionals from different sectors of computer graphics. A part of the conference is also a showroom, last year we could see there the Wacom company presenting its Cintiq professional equipment and Intuos or BenQ presenting high-end graphics monitors.

For inspiration there is prepared a gallery of large format prints of selected authors work.

There will be portfolio reviews and recruiting.

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50.00 EUR - Early Bird
70.00 EUR - Standart
90.00 EUR - Last chance

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This event has: Bookstore, Lectures speakers, Parties, Portfolio reviews, Recruiting, and Workshops
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