posted on Dec 04, 2019

Illustration and Picture Book Development

Illustration and Picture Book Development

by CarbonBlackWorkshops

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The workshop focuses on the development process of a picture book, from the first idea to the finished book. You’ll start with an idea and learn all the necessary steps to write and/or illustrate a picture book. You’ll also focus on how to plan your own project and how to develop appealing characters.

In this workshop you’ll also learn to put together an idea for an original picture book and how to pitch it. You’ll brainstorm with Beatrice and she will also speak about the best practices and challenges of facing a project by yourself.

The Workshop includes 2 demos.

During these demos and the working time Beatrice will introduce discussions about topics such as story telling, illustration and writing, the literary industry, publishers, agencies, balancing personal projects and work, finding your own personal style, tools to work with, and developing your portfolio among other interesting topics.


-Speaker’s Introduction. A brief introduction in which Beatrice will share a bit of her career development.
-Writing and/or illustrating a book. Differences between types of books you can illustrate or write. Why and how to create a picture book. How to start from scratch and where to find ideas, showing some examples of the types of work you can get from different clients.
– Phases of a picture book project. Presentation showing the “bones” of Beatrice’s picture book “Once Upon A Unicorn Horn” where she’ll show an overview of the whole pipeline, first ideas and early sketches of characters and the story. At this point Beatrice likes to ask the audience about the things they’re more interested in when it comes to picture book illustration. Since this is a wide topic, she’ll shape the workshop based on your requests.
– Demo. Beatrice will start creating a character digitally, based on a given background story. Procreate or Photoshop Painting.

– Everybody will draw if they wish to. You will work on the same exercise, which Beatrice shows in her demo. If you already have your own characters, Beatrice will focus on feedback and working on these characters.
– Character clarity and narrative. Talk about character design and colours.
– The Heroe’s Journey. Presentation about the elements that a story has to have in order to reach a large audience. Stages of the classic Heroe’s Journey with the usual fit on a 24-40 pages picture book.
– How Beatrice addresses Colour. She’ll show how to translate stories and ideas into a Colour script that contains the story from the beginning to the end. We’ll speak about the psychology of Colour and its importance for storytelling.
– Demo. Beatrice will do a second live demo, this time using traditional media and playing with different materials.
– Everybody will draw/paint with traditional media if they wish to. You can test the tools Beatrice will bring and try which media is best for your story/character/illustration.
– Feedback. Beatrice will save enough time to go from table to table giving personal feedback to everyone.
-If there’s time she will do portfolio reviews.

Discussion during Demos

– How to develop a good portfolio
– Storytelling
– Illustration and writing process
– The literary industry
– The animation industry
– Publishers and agencies
– Finding your own personal style
– Tools to work with
– Testing new media

– Portfolio Review
– Social Media Management
– Work vs Personal Projects
– Best Advice Beatrice ever got
– Q & A

Materials needed

– Laptop+Graphic Tablet or iPad + Apple Pencil
– Traditional tools, such as colored pencils, markers, or whatever you’ll like to experiment with at the
– Whatever is comfortable for you to sketch with (sketchbook +pencil or pen, etc)

450.00 EUR -
This event has: Bookstore, Demos, Free drinks, Free food, Lectures speakers, Parties, Portfolio reviews, and Workshops


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