posted on Jan 22, 2020

Carbon Black Art Festival (Postponed)

Carbon Black Art Festival (Postponed)

by CarbonBlackWorkshops

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The Carbon Black Art Festival is an education and networking event for artists. Our key program points are live demos and portfolio reviews. Watch artists like Jake Parker, Peter Han and Even Amundsen draw live on stage and ask them questions about their techniques. Sign up for our portfolio review sessions to get personal advice about your art and career.

Learn, connect and take your art career to the next level!

The Art Festival is a 2-day education and networking event for artists in the entertainment industry. It is a place to learn new skills from well known professionals and to get personal advice about your art and career during portfolio reviews. Each speaker paints live on stage during our live demos and shows you how they apply certain techniques in their daily work. You can watch them draw, ask them questionsand learn from their experience. The live demos and portfolio reviews make up the largest part of our program and there will be no sponsored talks.

Our 2 discussion panels are an addition and tackle topics which are important for your career, health and life as an artist. Our speakers share their thoughts and feelings on stage and give you valuable tips. This is an interactive format, so you can ask questions and participate in the discussion! In the evening we have dinner together, get to know each other more and reflect on what we have learned during the day.

The language of the event is English.

Portfolio Reviews

Our speakers give you individual feedback and career advice during our review sessions. Each review session takes 15 minutesand is scheduled. You will know beforehand when you have a session, so no need to chase artists and wait in lines for hours! In order to give our speakers preparation time and ensure that everyone gets a review, we ask you to apply for a slot before the event. You can apply for up to 3 reviews. The application will open soon.

Live Demos

Our speakers draw live on stage for 1,5 hours, explain their techniques and share their experience about the industry. You can ask them questions at the end of each session.

Discussion Panels

Our speakers discuss the topics live on stage, share their experience and answer your questions. The first discussion is about Mental Health: burnout, crunch time, art block, anxiety, imposter syndrome and more. The topic of the second panel is Finding Work as an Artist. Our speakers give advice on portfolio preparation, job interviews, how to start a freelance career, salaries and more.

270.00 EUR - Early Bird
295.00 EUR - Standard
170.00 EUR - Day Ticket
160.00 EUR - Early Day Ticket
This event has: Booths to book, Challenges at the venue, Demos, Panels, Parties, and Portfolio reviews


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