Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Fort St. Elmo and the MCC - Valetta

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) went from being a six-day digital art event to an organization that psychologically, technically, and educationally supports the global digital artist and ensures that the world understands and celebrates their artistry and craft.

Its mission is that of helping the international creative community in shaping the digital entertainment industry while moving it forward. In order to achieve this goal, THU launched a series of programs and initiatives, and the Main Event, with its recruitment sessions, inspirational talks, live demos, life-drawing sessions, and workshops, is only one of them.

Another one is the Gatherings, an itinerant experience organized by THU that gives artists in different cities the opportunity to network, participate in a round table discussion about the industry, learn from each other, as well as get a taste of the full THU experience.

The THU talks in schools are also a very important part of the project, since they help form the minds of young creatives by sharing with them those things that art schools don’t teach them, and by telling them the potential of this industry, so that they may consider a career in arts as a viable option. THU has gained the trust of hundreds of creatives across the world already. Attendees have defined it as a “life-changing experience”. It’s not the usual corporate art event, but a unique gathering of like-minded people who share the same passion and who really believe they can change the world.

Sep 22, 2019 - Sep 27, 2019 |

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492.50 EUR - Pioneer (THU2013 attendees)
545.00 EUR - Veteran (Two or more editions)
650.00 EUR - Warrior (One or two editions)

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