Tkachi Creative Space, St. Petersburg 195271 Obvodny channel 60

On 31 August—1 September we're holding our 4th annual ARTILLERY art festival. Just like the previous one, it'll take two days.

Every year we summon new speakers who have never been to Russia before. This time we have super cool artists from different art fields representing 2D art, such as: Feng Zhu, Anna Podedworna, Hicham Habchi, Mauro Belfiore, and Sean Sevestre.

As usual, this year we not only invited 2D artists but also paid much attention to sculptors, both traditional and digital. We have James W. Cain (digital sculptor and 3D printing enthusiast) and Tomek Radziewicz (traditional sculptor and monster designer who will also run a master class.)  

Guests will also find themselves at a real sculpture exhibition, as we have invited local sculptors Kate Pilnikova and Vladimir Brodarsky to present their works at the festival.

Over the course of two days, guests will have enough time to listen to lectures, ask questions, go for portfolio reviews, get autographs and draw alongside fellow artists.  


Tkachi Creative Space, St. Petersburg 195271 Obvodny channel 60 


- CG lectures 

- 3D live demos 

- Sculpture workshop 

- Portfolio reviews 

Moreover, we're proud to announce the first Artillery Art Awards, organized by Grafit Studio to support modern artists from all over the world. The first awards ceremony will be held in 2019 at the Artillery IV Shot art festival. There are two categories: Digital Illustration and Lifetime Achievement. 

The creators of the awards aim to honor artists and their professional skills and talent, and reward the work they fulfilled. Moreover, it was created to stimulate artists to create new art, renew their old works and finish what is still incomplete. We have put together a jury that consists of true professionals, modern CG artists who we trust and admire deeply: Feng Zhu, Even Mehl Amundsen, Karla Ortiz, Eytan Zana, Piort Jablonski, Greg Rutkowski, Mike Azevedo, a studio Grafit representative, and others.

To learn more about the awards and get your ticket, please visit 

See you in St. Petersburg! 



Aug 30, 2019 - Aug 31, 2019 |

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110.00 USD - Artillery 4 - entrance ticket

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16 Aug 16:11
Almost there.

Hello everyone!

It's less than a month till the event, and there are still a few tickets left.

Let us remind you of who is going to give speeches this time, please welcome

  • Marko Djurdjevic from his own, one and only SIXMOREVODKA
  • Joon Ahn
  • Ramon Nunex
  • and Pablo Carpio - all three apparently work for the almighty RIOT GAMES

We'll also have two local traditional artist, Alexey Perepelkin and Ivan Loinov, to demonstrate their skills. Both will create a portrait, one with oil and the other with a pencil.

As usual, we'll have huge sketch parties with best of models - nude, armoured, costumed, whatever you'd like to draw. For those who are competitive enough to speed-paint for a prize, there is a special area established by our friends HUION. You can also find new friends or new job as there are going to be recruiters and art directors from gaming companies such as Game Insight (Titanium sponsor of the festival), Mytona and Playkot (official sponsors), Glera Games, Mail ru, King, Supercell, Plarium etc.

Tickets available
Feel free to contact us via email

See you in September! 

06 Apr 13:15
Artillery III Shot

Hello guys!

We have some news, not a huge piece yet but I believe it's worth sharing.  

The 3rd annual Artillery cg art festival will take place at St. Petersburg, Russia as usual, the venue is "Tkachi" creative space that can host up to 450 guests. 

It will be a 2-day long event with 4 main speakers, three of whom have already confirmed their participating, and we're still looking for the 4th shining star to bless us with her or his presence. 

We decided to make the schedule pretty loose this time to give the guests more time just to hang out, talk to speakers, meet their fellows, make new friends and stalk big studios' art directors to sneak their portfolios and get a NO right in the face! Just kiddin', we just want you to have fun and no rush. 

Dates: September 8-9, 2018  
Tkachi creative space 
Why you should go: meet 450 new friends, listen to cool speakers, win a prize, visit St. Petersburg, brag about being to Russia after.
Tickets coming soon

Nastya Norway avatar
Nastya Norway


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