Procreate 2 Photoshop with Jana Schirmer

Procreate 2 Photoshop with Jana Schirmer

Free On-ground workshop feat Jana Schirmer. Procreate to Photoshop workflow! Come see freelance Jana Schirmer's production pipeline. Jana clients include- Blizzard Ent. Riot Games, Obsidian, UbiSoft, Bioware, Sony, and more!

This is event is free to attend must be in person unfortunately no online streaming will be available. 

Jana is a successful freelance illustrator from Germany. In this workshop she will demonstrate her workflow using Procreate and Photoshop to create a finished illustration.

Jana’s client list includes- Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Valve, Obsidian, Bioware, Sony, DeNa, UbiSoft, and more.

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