Caffeinated Drawing - Madrid

Caffeinated Drawing - Madrid

Madrid - Plaza España

"Caffeinated drawing" is a small regular gathering for and by people who work or study some kind of graphic art with the aim of talk, draw and share experiences with no pretensions.

Caffeinated Drawing was founded in Barcelona by the hand of two illustrators who felt a void in the communication between illustrators and other professionals of graphic arts in their same city. Therefore, and for solve out this lack , they proposed to the community the possibility of making regular meetings where everyone could meet colleagues, exchange ideas, work experiences or talk nonchalantly while doing what they liked best: drawing (and drink some coffee).

This time and as a special occasion the gathering will be held in Madrid. So, all of you who are willing to come and talk, draw and drink coffee, are courteously invited.

The price is for free and the meeting will be next March 8 at 16:00 until 20:00 hours in Plaza España .

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Caffeinated Drawing


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