Derek Thompson's Masterclass "CREATURE FEATURE - concept, structure & scene for Creature Design"

Derek Thompson's Masterclass "CREATURE FEATURE - concept, structure & scene for Creature Design"

MEN IN BLACK, THE MUMMY, STAR WARS: Episode III and the upcoming INCREDIBLES 2 are just some of the movies he has contributed to! Don't miss the chance to take part in this amazing 3 days Masterclass with DEREK THOMPSON, story artist e supervisor at Pixar!

DESIGN and DEVELOP your own 'CREATURE FEATURE’ in this intensive 3-Day MasterClass with industry veteran Derek Thompson. In this class, we will approach both Creature Design and Story Development through the thematic lens of Personal, Social, Moral, Political, & Environmental issues.

The CREATURE FEATURE workshop includes both lecture and in-class assignments that involve Concept, Structure, and Scene work. Student work will be critiqued by the instructor and workshopped as a group.

This course is rooted in VISUAL STORYTELLING, so students should be prepared to produce DRAWINGS and DESIGNS to help express their ideas.

Students may be asked to break up into TEAMS for the coursework over the 3 days, so please be ready for collaboration and teamwork.

Join us September 14th - 16th in Rome, Italy for this “Creature Feature” Masterclass. Space is extremely limited. Register today and we’ll see you in Rome for the experience of a lifetime!



Story Artist, Creature Designer & Visual Development Artist: Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Rhythm & Hues, Electronic Arts and Dark Horse Comics...

Derek Thompson received a BFA in Illustration from Otis/Parsons, and landed his first job for Dark Horse Comics while still attending college. He has worked professionally for over 25 years for a number of studios, including Rhythm & Hues, Lucasfilm, & Electronic Arts. He's been a Story Artist & Supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios for over 13 years.

Derek has worked in a variety of disciplines, including storyboarding, visual development and creature design. He has contributed to numerous film projects, including 'MEN IN BLACK’ - and ‘THE MUMMY' films, ‘UNBREAKABLE’, ’13 GHOSTS’, ‘STAR WARS: Episode III', 'WALL-E', 'BRAVE', ‘JOHN CARTER' , ‘THE GOOD DINOSAUR’, "TOY STORY THAT TIME FORGOT”, and the upcoming ‘INCREDIBLES 2'

Sep 14, 2018 - Sep 16, 2018 |

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300.00 EUR - Early bird price: before April 15th
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399.00 EUR - Full price: from June 16th onwards

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