Art Weekend

Art Weekend

3 days, 5 famous speakers, limited to 100 attendees, 2 countries. The Art Weekend is an incredibly powerful moment of sharing, friendship, creativity and so much more in a small format... A perfect parenthesis between all the big events. Ticket include all the conferences, accommodations, food and drinks.

The Art Weekend is a place where you can enjoy art, motivation, sharing and friendship in a small but incredibly efficient way. Twice a year, five famous artists share their experiences and creativity in the most intimate way. Limited to 100 attendees, no VIP sections, everyone's sharing and enjoying the moment.

Each edition of the Art Weekend deliver an outstanding range of talks, workshops and interviews about digital art, traditional art mediums, 3D, VFX and animation.  A place where professionals share their experiences during three days to other passionate artists ( professional and students ).


Summer edition: In South of France (in french):
The summer edition of the Art Weekend takes place in the sunny South of France near Montpellier. 5 stars Mobil-home, good french wine/food and a rum tasting session, spa, hot tub and, of course a swimming pool...

Winter edition: In the Switzerland mountains (in english):
For the winter edition, imagine a big modern "chalet" in the Swiss mountains near Lake Geneva (the biggest of Europe), a famous metal band concert, a rare whisky tasting session, a true Swiss fondue and the beauty of the landscapes who inspired so many landscape artists... Oh... and a Nerf©battle in a 500m2space.

Jun 01, 2018 - Jun 03, 2018 |

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209.00 EUR - Knight - 3 days
246.00 EUR - Master - 3 days + 2 resting days

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