Hotel & Casino "Cherno More", Varna, Bulgaria

FUTURO gathers world-known names from the entertainment industry under the same roof to share their knowledge and advice to the young talents in the field.

The festival FUTURO is based in the beautiful Bulgarian city of Varna, which is located on the Black Sea’s coast. Before anything else, this art event is motivational, opening the doors for young artists searching for answers and giving them the chance to meet with professionals working in the entertainment industry.

FUTURO was created from the idea of sculptor Zhivko Donchev. In 2018 was the fourth consecutive edition and with every year passing the festival grows and gains more exposure worldwide. Lecturers from the previous editions include Michael Defeo, Igor-Alban Chavalier, Pierre Alary and Victor Kalvachev. Other great lecturers—such as Darek Zabrocki, Biser Parashkevov, Michal Kus, Sadan Vague, Alfonso de la Torre, Leo Haslam and Nikola Matkovic—also shared with the audience the wide range of knowledge and skills that they have developed over the years. From concept art to 3D printing, the event is saturated with quality education and lots of fun. Also participating in the event were many young authors, such as: Todor Hristov, Mathias Zamecki, Svetoslav Petrov, Darko Markovich, Stefan Atanasov, Bastien Grivet and Jessica Rossier.

FUTURO has also had the honor of presenting to the audience well known industry names such as Jean-Baptiste Monge, Svetlin Velinov, Aris Kolokontes, Lubomir Sergeev and Christophe Lautrette. They brought to the festival books, prints and sculptures. Another notable lecture was that from Ubisoft’s art director, Eddie Bennun. He showed the audience not only what it is like to work in the industry but also his personal path and struggles that got him working for a AAA studio.

Besides lectures, live demos, private workshops, portfolio reviews and art talks, there are also parties on the beach where everyone gets together in a close, friendly atmosphere. The fifth edition of FUTURO will be held on 23-25 August, 2019 at the Hotel Cherno More. Some of our lecturers will be: Khasis Lieb, Hristo Chukov, Spiridon Giannakis and many more. We have special things prepared for the audience. See you there!



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This event has: Artists alley, Demos, Free drinks, Lectures speakers, Panels, Parties, and Portfolio reviews
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FUTURO - International Digital Art Festival


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