Theme Park. The digital art rally

Theme Park. The digital art rally

Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

We are the team of people passionate about digital art working on the annual international digital art festival aiming to reduce the distance between students and industry professionals. The main idea is accessibility, there's no attendance fee, but it doesn't mean low level of instructors. We are providing students (hobbyists and professionals) with an opportunity to learn from entertainment art industry giants and well-known digital artists.

In Finland November is considered to be the most depressing month. Yet 3 years ago we, the Theme Park team, decided that it is the best month to run our main event.

Our first event happened in November 2017. We had talks with the art directors, concept artists and senior artists, live demos from the most renowned digital artists in Finland, life drawing sessions and workshops. Even though it wasn’t the biggest event out there in terms of the attendance, we managed to create something unique—an environment without distance between professionals and students.

Our main goal is accessibility. The event is completely free, there’s no attendance fee, no “secluded” area for speakers, no restrictions in asking questions and trying to learn and share knowledge. Theme Park 2018 fully incorporated that idea. Our speakers (Lip Comarella, Ivan Smirnov, Even Mehl Amundsen and Shana Vandercruysse) extended their involvement far beyond just keynote presentations—they were right there with the audience, asking and answering questions, sharing, listening and having coffee breaks.

The list of names for the year 2019 is no less exciting: Jessica Rossier and Bastien Grivet, Pauline Voß, Simon Kopp, Scott Liedtka. However, there’s a plan to get more names into it, as we want to give you the richest learning experience possible to give in one weekend.

Each year we (the organizers) learn something, and at every event we experiment with the program, schedule and even catering options. This year we decided to make radical changes and move the venue to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. We want to scale it up and see how far we can go without losing the cozy informal atmosphere of Theme Park that all the previous attendees appreciated so much.

Theme Park 2019 will definitely differ from previous editions, but we know for sure that it is going to be free, and that it’ll have best artists and teachers as speakers who will turn depressing November into a month we can all look forward to.

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