Theme Park. The digital art rally

Theme Park. The digital art rally

Meduusa Studio. Xamk, Kouvola campus, Finland

We are the team of people passionate about digital art working on the annual international digital art festival aiming to reduce the distance between students and industry professionals. The main idea is accessibility, there's no attendance fee, but it doesn't mean low level of instructors. We are providing students (hobbyists and professionals) with an opportunity to learn from entertainment art industry giants and well-known digital artists.

Theme Park 2018 is going to be big. We got the best lecturers for you. Even Amundsen, Lip Comarella, Shana Vandercruysse, Ivan Smirnov.

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0.00 USD - free to attend

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This event has: Demos, Lectures speakers, Portfolio reviews, and Workshops


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