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VIEW Conference

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The international VIEW Conference, Italy’s premiere event for computer graphics, interactive and immersive storytelling, animation, visual effects, games, and VR, AR, and mixed reality, brings top professionals from those fields to the beautiful baroque city of Torino, Italy for a week of talks, presentations, workshops, B2Bs, and recruitment. Speakers include directors, studio heads, animators, game developers, visual effects artists and inventors who create live-action films, animated films, games, and virtual reality.

Speakers at the conference include:

Michael Fukushima, Studio Head and Executive Producer, National Film Board of Canada’s Animation Studio who now leads a studio that has produced many award winning animators and directors, including Oscar-winners Torill Kove, Chris Landreth, and Alison Snowden and David Fine.

Danny Dimian, visual effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, who led the artists who created the groundbreaking animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

William Reeves, global technology supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, was one of the founding members of Pixar.

Paul Debevec, senior staff engineer at Google VR and adjunct research professor at USC Computer Science & USC ICT graphics lab, best known for his work in utilizing light stages to find and capture the reflectance field over a human face, for high dynamic range imaging and image-based modeling and rendering.

Jan-Bart van Beek oversees the art and animation quality of all Guerilla projects. He was lead artist on Killzone and art director on Killzone 2. For his work as art director and originator of Horizon Zero Dawn, he received a BAFTA Award in 2018.

Milan Jovovic, co-founder, partner, and chief creative officer at Nordeus.

Jack M. Gilson, a mobile game artist and studio art director for Rovio’s Stockholm Sweden branch. The Stockholm studio developed the hugely popular Angry Birds 2. Gilson began working in games when he was 15. Prior to Rovio, he was a lead artist and senior technical artist at Wooga.

This year’s conference takes place from October 21 to 25 in our exciting new OGR venue. Registration is now open. Please join us!

For more information:

Oct 19, 2019 - Oct 23, 2019 |

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120.00 EUR - Student pass: Talks only
140.00 EUR - Student pass: All access
280.00 USD - Professional pass: Talks only
350.00 USD - Professional pass: All access
150.00 USD - Tue 22 Oct Day Pass (Talks only)
150.00 USD - Wed 23 Oct Day Pass (Talks only)
150.00 USD - Thu 24 Oct Day Pass (Talks only)
150.00 USD - Fri 25 Oct Day Pass

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