Playgrounds Blend 2019

Playgrounds Blend 2019

At Playgrounds Blend 2019 we'll be showcasing a catwalk of inspiring and innovative makers who are known for stretching outside of a genre and mashing more things up. You will be able to pick their brains, see how they did it, how they started, what they studied, how they became famous as well as what amazing projects they are tackling at the moment.

For our second edition of Playgrounds Blend we'll set up shop in Amsterdam and Breda this spring! 

In Amsterdam we’ll be hosting Blend at the amazing art deco venue Tuschinski. A unique opportunity to mix the old with the new and merge the rich history of the venue with the future of the moving image.

In Breda we’ll embark yet on another adventure, as the festival will take place at skate hall Pier15. Prepare for a Blend of vanguard artist talks, live performances, music, graffiti, tattoo artists, an expo by leading international illustrators and designers, food trucks, and much more!

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85.00 EUR - full pass early bird

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This event has: Demos, Lectures speakers, New talent expo, Panels, Parties, Portfolio reviews, Recruiting, and Workshops
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