Dynamic Sketching: Building with Shapes

Dynamic Sketching: Building with Shapes

Schubertsrtaße 59 8010 Graz

Join us and sketch 5 days under the guidance of Superani Member Peter Han at the Botanical Garden of Graz (Austria). We’ll study, sketch and drink coffee right at the heart of the garden, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and succulents.

If sketching is a burden for you and you lack confidence, using a structured process and high mileage with repetition will be the foundation for further growth in your creative future. Participants will learn discipline through a structured lesson, confidence by working through failure and a positive mind set by working with the instructor in the field. This enables them to pursue a creative field that requires a strong skill to communicate and problem solve. Students will conclude the workshop with presenting process and a collection of drawings done through the session.

Aim of the workshop:

  • mileage
  • having fun with sketching
  • building confidence
  • effective communication

What you’ll learn:

  • drawing with effective speed
  • strategize before you work
  • using real life reference
  • evolving sketches from simplicity to details


  • basics in perspective
  • interest in drawing
  • the open mind to attempt and follow lessons

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800.00 EUR - Standard
720.00 EUR - Early Bird

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