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El Festival is the main event linking Latin American artists and global industries of animation, comics and video games.
For five days brings together executives, professionals, students and amateurs from all areas of the audiovisual work, in order to:
- Encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences between international and local artists and producers
- Promote the Mexican creative projects
- Build an international collaboration network
But first and foremost, El Festival is a space that helps encourage a spirit of community, while allowing producers to interface with the national market and international artists and investors as well.

About Pixelatl

El Festival is performed by Pixelatl, a Mexican Association dedicated to the construction of platforms for the creation and promotion of multimedia narratives and content, with the objective of enhancing national productions and expanding their audiences in Mexico and abroad.

On July 21 we will begin to announce the guests of the 2019 edition of El Festival

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This event has: Artists alley, Challenges at the venue, Lectures speakers, New talent expo, Panels, Parties, Recruiting, and Workshops
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Jose Iñesta
Founder of Pixelatl - Animation, VFX, Videogame, and Illustration Festival Mexico. Founder of Sublime - Co-Production Summit for Latin America


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