Edge Control Event took place on Oct 04, 2019

Edge Control

Edge Control Expo is a two-day event in Toronto, Canada, bringing six art industry professionals from all over to share their knowledge and experience. The guest speakers we bring give lectures and demos, and provide portfolio reviews alongside other industry veterans that are invited to the even...continue
EHARTHE: Art Conference Event took place on Oct 19, 2018

EHARTHE: Art Conference

EHARTHE: Art Conference (http://eharthe.eventhorizoncg.com) is the first event organized in Italy on concept art and digital art. There will be many international guests coming from US and Europe, involved in workshops, masterclasses and speeches for the whole weekend. All the participating artis...continue
Elfia Arcen Event took place on Sep 21, 2018

Elfia Arcen

Elfia can be described as an event, a costume event, with astonishing and dazzling creations; with vivacious music performances, sensational shows and market stalls where you can buy items of which you didn’t even realize they existed.Elfia takes place in reality; every year; twice; in April and ...continue
FUTURO Event took place on Aug 22, 2019


The festival FUTURO is based in the beautiful Bulgarian city of Varna, which is located on the Black Sea’s coast. Before anything else, this art event is motivational, opening the doors for young artists searching for answers and giving them the chance to meet with professionals working in the en...continue
Icon Manila Event took place on Sep 19, 2019

Icon Manila

ICON MANILA is back in full swing this year. Joining the event organizer, Armand Serrano, are a number of high caliber guest artists from animation, film and game industries. Zac Retz is a visual development artist for animated feature films and an accomplished painter. He specializes in envir...continue
IFCC Event took place on May 28, 2018


>> CHECK THE PHOTOS FROM 2016 and 2015 HERE..COME, LEARN AND PASS ON KNOWLEDGEIFCC 2018 will be all about learning, teaching and finding the best possible choice for your career. We're partnering up with some of the most amazing art schools on the planet, top creative studios, some of the m...continue
Industry Workshops Event took place on Aug 17, 2018

Industry Workshops

Founded by Levente Peterffy, Richard Burns, Daniel Matthews and Alex Heath, it now involves many experienced VFX professionals from advertising, film, games and music videos in freelance and studio capacities. Artist inspired and artist driven, Industry Workshops brings together leading visual ef...continue
LightBox Expo Event took place on Sep 05, 2019

LightBox Expo

MEET THE ARTISTS BEHIND YOUR FAVORITE FILMS, ANIMATION, GAMES, TV SHOWS AND ILLUSTRATIONS! LightBox Expo is the newest event to join the must-attend list of global exhibitions, from celebrated character designer and illustrator Bobby Chiu (Disney's Alice in Wonderland) and Emerald City Comic Con...continue
LiK: MeetUp Event took place on Mar 24, 2018

LiK: MeetUp

During the first annual workshop, we invited speakers from LevelUP! (Jonas De Ro, Darek Zabrocki, and Wojtek Fus), and recieved an overwhelmingly positive response. That encouraged us to plan for the second workshop. We had the honor of hosting Kekai Kotaki, Jama Jurabaev, and Darek Zabrocki. In ...continue
NATPE Miami Event took place on Jan 21, 2019


Celebrating 55 years of service to the ever-evolving global television industry, NATPE inspires the growth and success of content development, creation, production, financing and distribution across all platforms through interdependent marketplaces where industry powers gather to offer insight an...continue