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LiK: MeetUp Event took place on Mar 24, 2018

LiK: MeetUp

During the first annual workshop, we invited speakers from LevelUP! (Jonas De Ro, Darek Zabrocki, and Wojtek Fus), and recieved an overwhelmingly positive response. That encouraged us to plan for ...

Festival | 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA | United States
LightBox Expo Event took place on Sep 06, 2019

LightBox Expo

MEET THE ARTISTS BEHIND YOUR FAVORITE FILMS, ANIMATION, GAMES, TV SHOWS AND ILLUSTRATIONS! LightBox Expo is the newest event to join the must-attend list of global exhibitions, from celebrated ...

Industry Workshops Event took place on Aug 17, 2018

Industry Workshops

Founded by Levente Peterffy, Richard Burns, Daniel Matthews and Alex Heath, it now involves many experienced VFX professionals from advertising, film, games and music videos in freelance and studi...

Festival | Kino Europa + 3 other | Croatia
IFCC Event took place on May 28, 2018


>> CHECK THE PHOTOS FROM 2016 and 2015 HERE .. COME, LEARN AND PASS ON KNOWLEDGE IFCC 2018 will be all about learning, teaching and finding the best possible choice for your car...

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