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Festival | Sommières, South of France and Saint-Georges, Switzerland | France
Art Weekend Event took place on Dec 05, 2019

Art Weekend

The Art Weekend is a place where you can enjoy art, motivation, sharing and friendship in a small but incredibly efficient way. Twice a year, five famous artists share their experiences and creati...

Festival | Hotel Domina | Russia
Marina Event took place on Mar 13, 2020



Festival | Wohnpark Graz Gösting, 8051 Österreich | Austria
Carbon Black Art Festival Event took place on Apr 04, 2020

Carbon Black Art Festival

The Art Festival is a 2-day education and networking event for artists in the entertainment industry. Illustrators, Concept Artists and Students can learn from artists like Jake Parker, Peter Han a...

Festival | Tecmilenio Ferrería Ciudad de México | Mexico
Draw Break 5 (postponed) Event took place on Apr 22, 2020

Draw Break 5 (postponed)

Draw Break 5 will take place in México City, having Tecmilenio University as venue, in this special edition you will meet new amazing artists, learn from the best and have a good time during the e...

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