Dutch Comic Con Event took place on Nov 24, 2018

Dutch Comic Con

Do you want to attend the Con in your most beautiful cosplay outfit and take part in several workshops and contests? Or would you rather delve right in the comic collections at the Dealer Hal for that one issue still missing from your collection? Why not run along and participate in one of the th...continue
Dynamic Sketching: Building with Shapes Event took place on Apr 30, 2019

Dynamic Sketching: Building with Shapes

If sketching is a burden for you and you lack confidence, using a structured process and high mileage with repetition will be the foundation for further growth in your creative future. Participants will learn discipline through a structured lesson, confidence by working through failure and a posi...continue
Edge Control

Edge Control

Oct 4 - 5, 2019

Edge Control Expo is a two-day event in Toronto, Canada, bringing six art industry professionals from all over to share their knowledge and experience. The guest speakers we bring give lectures and demos, and provide portfolio reviews alongside other industry veterans that are invited to the even...continue
EHARTHE: Art Conference Event took place on Oct 19, 2018

EHARTHE: Art Conference

EHARTHE: Art Conference (http://eharthe.eventhorizoncg.com) is the first event organized in Italy on concept art and digital art. There will be many international guests coming from US and Europe, involved in workshops, masterclasses and speeches for the whole weekend. All the participating artis...continue
Elfia Arcen Event took place on Sep 21, 2018

Elfia Arcen

Elfia can be described as an event, a costume event, with astonishing and dazzling creations; with vivacious music performances, sensational shows and market stalls where you can buy items of which you didn’t even realize they existed.Elfia takes place in reality; every year; twice; in April and ...continue
FACTS Event took place on Sep 29, 2018


With FACTS on September 29-30 2018, we will give you that experience once again. We’re filling up the Flanders Expo halls with everything a pop culture fan could ever wish for. The largest hall will be an enormous market with all sorts of merchandise, neatly made available to you by hundreds of i...continue
Fantasy Art Workshop's Illustration Intensive Event took place on Jun 17, 2019

Fantasy Art Workshop's Illustration Intensive

Fantasy Art Workshop’s Illustration Intensive is a five-day workshop for aspiring and professional illustrators who want to take their art to a whole new level in an encouraging and creative environment, all while getting intense instruction from an award-winning faculty with decades of experienc...continue
Fantasy Basel Event took place on May 03, 2019

Fantasy Basel

Movies, TV series, games, e-sports, comics, cosplay, walking acts, art, game design, anime, exhibitions, film props, artist alley, science-fiction, fantasy, virtual reality, stars, photo & autograph area, panels, shows, merchanidising, manga, steampunk, youtuber, tabletops and much more!


Aug 23 - 25, 2019

On more than 20,000 square meters, a unique world is created every two years in the water gardens Speeches for all fans of fantasy. In addition to shows, concerts and readings, dealers and exhibitors, the FaRK, thanks to its unique concept, offers the opportunity to escape into a dream world and ...continue
FMX Event took place on Apr 30, 2019


Every year, VFX specialists, Animation experts as well as Games and Transmedia talents come to FMX to present cutting edge achievements, state of the art tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies, spectacular immersive experiences, innovative business models and more. More recently ...continue